To Find the Right Place for Mom in Wichita, Trust Fellow Wichitans

When dementia and memory care become a family matter, and you need a place for mom or dad, trust a local senior care professional.

For mom or dad, you deserve a senior care advisor who lives in Wichita, and grew up here, too.

Anymore, it seems many Wichita area assisted living facilities, dementia or memory care homes, or senior housing options are owned or operated by a large national corporation that makes decisions somewhere else. At Next Phase Senior Solutions, we’re Wichitans, providing a local, independent, and free service to seniors and their families - right here in Wichita.

Bringing assisted living facilities and Alzheimer's care options to your doorstep

Instead of you having to call and visit dozens of facilities that, after a while, seem to blend together, we first meet with you to understand your situation. Only then can we help guide you to the best new home for mom or dad. And because we’re independent of Wichita’s assisted living facilities, we’re driven by what’s right for you, not someone else’s bottom line.

Call Wichita native Brian Stemple today at 316-854-5266, and set a convenient time for him to visit in the comfort of your home, so together you can find the perfect place for mom’s new home.

Brian Stemple, owner of Next Phase Senior Solutions, meets with a couple to learn about their recent news concerning a parent. As an independent Elder Care Advisor who grew up and still lives and works in Wichita, Brian’s services are free to seniors and their families.