Answers to Questions about Wichita Assisted Living, Dementia & Memory Care

Before you start calling assisted living facilities in Wichita, turn to a Wichita senior care advisor for answers to your questions.

“I don’t even know where to start!”

That's one of the first things we hear. So we hope these questions and answers are helpful for now, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Can you describe what you do?

When something happens to your mom or dad, it can be paralyzing. You feel scared, and you feel alone. You’re not sure what to do, and you don’t know where to turn to. Families are so grateful when there’s someone who can listen to their situation with empathy, and provide options and comparisons during such a stressful time – balancing their own family’s needs all the while.

One thing we’re not: we don’t simply provide a list of assisted living facilities in Wichita that are near our clients. Our approach is completely personal to each family.

Can you give an example?

Sure. A daughter recently approached us. At the time, her mother was the primary caregiver for her father, who had memory care issues. Then, mom suddenly passed away. So now, not only was the daughter dealing with her mom’s unexpected death, but she immediately became the long-term care provider for dad. The daughter’s husband traveled a lot and, even though her dad had in-home care every day, she was still responsible for making sure he was eating, bathing, toileting - all the aspects of keeping her dad healthy.

Working with the daughter, we developed solutions for her, which in this case included memory care options. Now she can go see her father every day, and have a relationship with him while his care needs are being met. Her stress of what to do is now behind her, and she can enjoy her dad while he’s taken care of and safe.

How is that different than an Assisted Living Facility?

Each facility, while certainly wanting to help, will end up naturally promoting their own property as the solution. And while that may be what’s in the best interest for some, many others will need different types of assistance. Each families’ needs are different, so I meet with the key family members, in their homes or wherever they're most comfortable, to listen, discuss, and determine what the best options are. It’s only then that we start looking at places for mom, or dad, in Wichita.

Who else is doing this?

Surprisingly, no one at all was providing this service in Wichita when we started. You see this more on the west coast, while less so but still a little on the east coast. Here in the Midwest though you have fragmented services who focus on just their areas. For instance, one clinic may offer only dementia or memory care in Wichita, while others may only provide a list of Wichita assisted living facilities, and it’s up to you to shop and compare them all. That would be a challenge to anyone, let alone someone who’s under a heavy burden to suddenly be the primary care provider for their mother or father.

How are you compensated?

Since our services are always free to seniors and their families, we started out by focusing solely on establishing relationships with the overall Wichita care community, from in-home, rehab and adult day programs to residential, memory care and independent living facilities, and yes, assisted living, skilled nursing and Alzheimer’s/Dementia groups. We met with over 90% of these services in Wichita before we talked to a single family member, to learn about all these existing options that were available, yet functioning apart from one another.

But knowing all the options was just the start. By learning about the family’s unique situation and sharing our insights and knowledge, we help daughters and sons make the best selection for their mom or dad. So our fees come from the facilities that the family selects for their loved one. It’s always their decision, which is how it should be.

We hope this has helped, and please know that we're ready to help more.

Brian Stemple created Next Phase Senior Solutions for moments just like this. He's ready to listen, and help, so give Brian a call at 316-854-5266, or write him a brief note. You'll find Brian to be a warm and caring lifelong Wichitan.

  • Wichita native Brian Stemple founded
    Next Phase Senior Solutions in 2012.